Your Perfect Audience,
Discovered & Delivered

140 Proof’s Blended Interest Graph interprets data from over 600 million social accounts. This deep data allows us to serve the right ads to the right people in mobile apps. For example, if an advertiser wants to reach moms, we would look for social indicators of mom-ness: check-ins at Gymboree, following mommy bloggers, sharing healthy recipes. But it can get much more specific than broad categories like Moms. Action Movie Fans… Gardeners… Small Business Owners… You name it.


Let’s look at what happened when a national hardware chain wanted to find an audience of male Do It Yourselfers.

Dare to be specific with your audience.

In order meet their goal driving seasonal awareness for a chain of hardware stores and their tool section, our advertiser wanted to connect with a hard to find, specific segment: Male DIY enthusiasts.

magnifying glass graphic

Start with the obvious connections: Supernodes.

We started by looking at the strongest connections members of this segment are likely to have, using the client’s segmentation research. Male DIY-ers often connect with brands like Home Depot, spend their lounge time with DIY Network, take Bob Villa’s tweets as gospel, and draw inspiration for their next remodel from Apartment Therapy’s pins. We call these connections SuperNodes.

Use technology to find the connections humans can’t.

With the audience of our SuperNodes as a starting point, our technology finds hundreds more common, relevant connections and adds these as SuperNodes. Is a lot of our audience on the prowl for property on Zillow? Do they constantly share LifeHacker lists? Do they like photos of muscle cars? This helps us see a more complete picture and build a bigger, more qualified audience.

Audience Graphic
Audience Percentages

Separate the die-hards from the dabblers.

Once we’ve identified the size of our audience, we score each audience member based on their interest level. From the die-hard DIY Superfans who are 91x more interested than the general population all the way to the occasional dabblers who aren’t afraid to change a few lightbulbs, we score them all. Total audience: 3.5 Million.

Start the campaign.

When our advertiser gives us the green light, and we start the campaign. When one of our audience members uses a mobile app in our network, our server identifies them.

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Ad delivery graphic

Deliver & delight with the right ad.

If they’re one of our high-scoring DIY audience members, we’ll deliver them engaging, relevant creative. If they’re only slightly interested in DIY, but score higher in an audience segment created for of one of our other advertisers, we’ll serve them the the other ad instead. No wasted impressions for the advertiser, no irrelevant ads for the audience member. Everyone wins.


Great campaigns start with great targeting strategies.

Explore some of the targeting strategies we’ve crafted for 140 Proof clients

  • Persona

    Reached the audience based on their activity across many social platforms. Personas are customized for each campaign and messages crafted for each.

  • Shopping

    Layered purchase behavior onto campaign through our partnerships with Datalogix and Polk.

  • Radius

    Brands with many retail locations changed creative based on a specified distance from stores and drove to directions to their front door.

  • Media Amplification

    Identified the audiences reached through print or broadcast and amplified the message with ads in mobile to fans of the content, increasing reach and frequency.

  • Event Surround

    Found extended mobile audiences interested in live events like holidays, championship series, music festivals, trade shows, and more.

  • Conquesting

    Targeted customers specifically interested in the advertiser’s competitors with creative tailored to each. Additionally targeted competitors’ audience segments.