Learn More about 140 Proof Ads

140 Proof Ads appear across the social stream on apps and websites that use 140 Proof’s API to show ads.

Sometimes the ads we show you are based on the content of the stream you’re viewing. Other times, these ads are intended to reflect your interests, based on public data from participating websites and APIs like Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.

These ads help make the apps you love free. Ads do this by helping app developers and websites pay their bills by offering great in-stream ads relevant to your interests.

Key Facts About 140 Proof’s Privacy Principles

• 140 Proof only uses data that is already public, and never accesses or stores private or personal data.

• We have never and will never sell or share user data (to advertisers or to anyone else).

• All 140 Proof data are stored on protected servers.

• 140 Proof does not collect information about visits to websites concerning health, religion, political views or sexual orientation.

You can always opt out

• Opting out does not mean you will no longer see ads. It means that the ads you see will no longer be personalized for you.

• If you prefer to opt out of 140 Proof’s ad personalization system and receive only un-personalized ads:

Opt Out of Ad Targeting