140 Proof brings precision to in-app advertising by analyzing the billions of signals that run through social platforms.

Brand advertisers and media companies trust 140 Proof to deliver powerful targeted in-app advertising at scale. Top apps and publishers entrust 140 Proof’s high performing ads to bolster their revenue streams.


We believe the most accurate signals of a person’s wide range of interests come from their social data. Each of their social accounts tells a different story. The only way to understand a complete, three-dimensional view of what someone cares about is to look at them all.

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Born from great technology.

140 Proof was founded by industry veterans with a passion for data and technology. We invented the Blended Interest Graph, which interprets a wide range of social data, giving brand advertisers the power to go beyond demographics and lookalike models in order to deliver the perfect ad in mobile apps. The earliest applications of our Blended Interest Graph technology placed the first targeted ads into social reader apps.

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Solving big problems.

In 2014, as logging in to apps via social ID became the de facto standard, we expanded our network into hundreds of mobile apps in a wide range of categories. Our goal was to solve the biggest problem in mobile app advertising: the lack of quality targeting for brands. Today, many of the world’s most successful brands partner with 140 Proof to do just that.

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Meet our leadership

  • Patti Costello


    Patti Costello is a Media industry veteran with over 18 years of experience in Mobile, Digital, and TV. Prior to 140 Proof, Patti held positions at The Walt Disney Company, OMD, IAC and Time Inc. Patti is responsible for managing revenue and growing the 140 Proof business by establishing strategic partnerships with the country's leading advertising agencies and brands. She lives in Chicagoland with her two kids, husband and two dogs. She holds a degree in Marketing with honors from DePaul University and is an avid University of Tennessee football fan. She has a variety of interests, so would fall into many personas, but would score off the charts on the Blended Interest Graph Foodie, Travel Enthusiast, Francophile and Shopaholic categories.

  • Team of Geniuses

    A Team of Geniuses


    140 Proof's team has built dozens of companies, advised 6 different startups, climbed mountains, won races, worked for Apple, Gawker, Organic, Ironport, universities, hedge funds, and the US Marines. We're distributed across five cities with concentration in New York and San Francisco, and we love burritos.


Ready to do something big? Think you have what it takes?

We are entrepreneurs, mountain climbers, rule breakers, story tellers, technology addicts, and burrito eaters. We love to make incredible advertising experiences happen for hundreds of companies, from market innovators to startups. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

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The world’s public interest graph is our sandbox & laboratory.

At 140 Proof, we believe that the futures of media and data are both moving towards the individual. The team who can deliver the most relevant information the fastest to the most people will #win. Check out our philosophy on our engineering, technology tools, and culture.

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