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What the world is saying about 140 Proof and the Interest Graph:

The Social Squeeze: Publishers are Getting Squeezed Out by Social Data CEO Jon Elvekrog for Fast Company
Geographic Drift: You’ll laugh when you see where these purported city-dwellers are “checking in” CTO John Manoogian for AdWeek
'Building the Beast': What It's Like to Be an Early Startup Employee SVP Marketing Matt Rosenberg for Mashable
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Viacom Taking Tumblr To The Upfronts MediaPost
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Three Areas Fueling Twitter’s Growth CEO Jon Elvekrog for Wall Street Journal
Wall Street sees new darling in social media CEO Jon Elvekrog for USA Today
140 Proof Adds Pinterest to its Social Technology Stack Co-Founder John Manoogian III for The Next Web
Automakers “Gear Up” with 140 Proof Social Ads Chris D’Alessandro, Director Digital Strategy, Autoweek.
Twitter Inc Ads API Announcement “Too little, too late” CTO John Manoogian III for Techcrunch
“140 Proof Brings Native, Interest-Targeted Ads to Tumblr and the Open Web” CTO John Manoogian III for Techcrunch
“Forecasting Box-Office Film Success With Social Data” CEO Jon Elvekrog for ReadWriteWeb
“A Marketer’s Guide to The Blended Interest Graph” Vanessa Naylon for iMedia Connection
“5 Ways the Consumer Interest Graph Will Transform the Web” CEO Jon Elvekrog for Forbes
“It’s never been a better time to be a data scientist” John Manoogian III for TechCrunch
“How Free Apps Can Make More Money Than Paid Apps” John Manoogian III for TechCrunch
“The Rapid Rise of Social Advertising;” Vanessa Naylon for iMedia Connection
“Facebook could unleash billions of dollars in advertising targeted to consumers’ interests.” Jon Elvekrog for USA Today
“Facebook is doing a lot of things right, but to grow revenue, it has to push toward higher-value ad placement and technology” Jon Elvekrog for The Financial Times
“Olympics Sponsors Trust Social to Bring Home Gold;” Vanessa Naylon for iMedia Connection
“CEO Jon Elvekrog talks about the Facebook IPO and Social Advertising” Wall Street Journal - The Daily Wrap
“Followers Are Audiences: Targeting the Biggest Audiences on Twitter” CEO Jon Elvekrog for iMedia Connection
“Interview: John Manoogian III, Co-founder and CTO of 140 Proof, Reveals How Political Campaigns Can Leverage Social Media” Ad Operations Online
“140 Proof debuts social ad service for politicians” Vator TV
INFOGRAPHIC: “Facebook’s $142 Million Political Ad Market, According To 140 Proof” AllFacebook
“Twitter Outsources Ads Innovation to 140 Proof” Digiday
“How to Reach Sports Fans on Twitter - Live” CTO John Manoogian III in MediaPost
“140 Proof Introduces Video To Its Social Ad Network” TechCrunch
“5 Tips for Reaching Voters in the Social Stream” CTO John Manoogian III in Mashable
“Facebook’s IPO and the $100 Billion Issue: the Interest Graph” Jon Elvekrog and John Manoogian III (CEO & CTO) in Forbes
“USA Today: Facebook files IPO, marketers evaluate its ad platform” CTO John Manoogian III (CTO), USA Today
“The Interest Graph Advantage: What Amazon and Apple Must Learn” CEO Jon Elvekrog for iMedia Connection
“Frequent Twitter Users Are More Likely to Click on Ads” 140 Proof in eMarketer
“5 ways to get creative with 140 characters” CEO Jon Elvekrog for iMedia Connection
“Google+ For Brands in 140 Seconds” CTO John Manoogian III for iMedia Connection
“Stop trying to turn Yahoo into a media company” CEO Jon Elvekrog for iMedia Connection
“Stop Calling Google+ a Facebook Killer” CEO Jon Elvekrog for iMedia Connection
“Why Social Marketers Must Rethink Paid, Earned & Owned Media” CTO John Manoogian III on Mashable
“The Massive Opportunity in Twitter’s In-stream Ad Plan” CEO Jon Elvekrog in AdMonsters
“140 Proof Hires Ex-Gawker Exec Michael Cascio To Head Social Ad Sales” AdWeek
“Twitter Ad Startup 140 Proof Raises $2.5 Million” All Things D, Wall Street Journal
“140 Proof Targeting The Social Stream” Ad Exchanger
“140 Proof Distills Ad Network for the Social Stream”
Washington Post
“HootSuite Teams Up with 140 Proof to Serve Ads in the Social Stream” The Atlantic
“140 Proof Distills Ad Network For The Social Stream” TechCrunch
“Startup 140 Proof Promises Targeted Advertising” Mashable
“140 Proof Partners with HootSuite For Social Stream Ads” Adotas
“The 140 Proof Ad Platform is Highly Targeted on Followers and Keywords” ReadWriteWeb