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Ads and Insights From Social Interest Data

Hack Hard!

We have fun with hard problems

It's not easy finding the most relevant information in under 50ms for millions of users globally, but we definitely have fun doing it. The world's public interest graph is our sandbox and our laboratory.

At 140 Proof, we believe that the futures of media and data are both moving towards the individual, and that the team who can deliver the most relevant information the fastest to the most people will #win.

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Great Tools

Using the best tools matters

Joel on Software, 12 Steps to Better Code:

Step #9: "Do you use the best tools money can buy?"
We do.

Without The Fat. We squash unnecessary meetings like bugs and manage our own work in Pivotal Tracker.

  • 9 repos
  • 20k+ requests per minute
  • 75 tier-1 API consumers
  • 4,295 private Github commits
  • 50ms max API response time
  • 25 pivotal tracer velocity
  • 8 consec growth quarters
  • 39 active EC2 instances
  • 1.0 ruby ice cream breaks sponsored
open source

We Heart Open Source

A sampling of our hacking goodwill:

Have a cool open-source project? We want to hear about it! 140 Proof engineering is hiring, you can check out the current job openings.

fun culture

Nice People. Sweet Location.

A family that plays together, stays together.

Sup dog. Yeah you. Like burritos? Playing Rock Band? How about a real equity stake in a company running ahead of revenue goals seven consecutive quarters in a row?

  • Basketball hoop in office? Check.
  • Central South Park location? Totally.
  • Team dinners? Yup.
  • Funded by the backers of Facebook and PayPal? Yeah.
  • Next door to SF's best micro-brewery,21st Amendment? Check and check.
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The job your job could smell like

Always join the best team you can find.

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