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Ads and Insights From Social Interest Data

140 Proof Platform

140 Proof makes mobile advertising relevant. 140 Proof ads are simple, powerful messages that appear in popular mobile apps.

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Interest Graph

Blended Interest Graph

140 Proof ads are targeted using proprietary technology that makes sense of the Blended Interest Graph, a massively growing data set based on the brands, bands, games, films, and music we love, like, and follow.

The Blended Interest Graph unites audience data from social platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and the next generation of digital communities. It is the strongest indicator of brand affinity among consumers in social, the biggest and fastest growing online activity. Our customers call it B.I.G.

Persona groups targeted:

The Ads

140 Proof Ads

140 Proof is mobile advertising for brand advertisers. 140 Proof ads are premium placements in mobil apps. Always visible, fully targeted based on an individual's unique interest profile, we offer a full selection of ad units, standard IAB banners, text banners, video, and rich media units -- all focused on mobile.