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Ads and Insights From Social Interest Data


140 Proof invented the Blended Interest Graph to understand what people are interested in. By interpreting and mapping activity from across an individual's social platforms, 140 Proof can match consumers with messages that are relevant to them.

Brand advertisers and major media companies trust 140 Proof and its partner network to deliver powerful targeted advertising in mobile at scale. And because ads powered by the Blended Interest Graph perform better than display and search, top apps and publishers entrust 140 Proof to generate their revenue streams.

140 Proof and its patent-pending interest graph targeting algorithm is backed by Founders Fund, Ron Conway, and Blue Run Ventures.

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Our Mission

140 Proof's mission is to make that the ads everyone sees on mobile devices are more relevant by understanding and mapping the interest graph. With 140 Proof, the ad experience is tailored to one's individual interests — effortlessly.

140 Proof aggregates social data from many social platforms (like Twitter and Foursquare) into the Blended Interest Graph to help discover users' interests and offer great recommendations. We select the ads to show people based on what they care about. The more an ad touches a person's interests, the better it will work.

Fast Facts

Jon Elvekrog

Co-Founder & CEO

Jon Elvekrog is a proven leader in the technology space with experience in start-up, turnaround and growth stage companies. With his co-founder, Jon developed 140 Proof's patented content-matching technology to harness the massive, growing data set of the Broad Interest Graph and match consumers with relevant brand recommendations. Jon previously held senior executive marketing and sales positions at HP, Microsoft, and LinkExchange. Jon has an engineering degree with honors from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard University.

John Manoogian III

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

John Manoogian III (jm3) created the 140 Proof brand and co-led development of its API and ad-targeting architecture. Prior to contributing to 140 Proof's success, John helped launch social bookmarking (as the founder of Feed Me Links) and the consumer web (as Director of Engineering & UX at Organic Inc). John studied computer science, cryptography, and linguistics at the University of Michigan. He codes & tweets as @jm3 and advises several technology startups in San Francisco.

A Team of Geniuses

Designers, Developers, Distributors, Destroyers

140 Proof's team has built dozens of companies, advised 6 different startups, climbed mountains, won races, worked for Apple, Gawker, Organic, Ironport, universities, hedge funds, and the US Marines. We're distributed across five cities with concentration in New York and San Francisco, and we love burritos. Come at us.